Procedure (selling)

Procedure for Selling

Time to sell your property in Portugal? It’s vital to list with an accredited, registered and legal real estate company or two.  We say two because none of them should restrict you to sole agency. It’s an unnecessary trick. It is important to consult your usual lawyer and advise them of your decision.  If requested they will get recent copies of the documentation needed (see documentation page) so you can photocopy and lodge it with your chosen agent.  They are required by law to have it on file and if they forget to ask you for it then you should seek another agent.

Of course it’s important to list with a company you like and trust and feel will represent your interests correctly.  You may also wish to obtain an independent valuation so you can be certain you are achieving best price.

Selling anything these days is down to good marketing and good marketing requires good property information and especially good photographs. We can all take reasonable photos but please consider using a professional company as these people know how to achieve great results.  Properties with great photos get more interest and sell quicker,  Please also consider providing a floor plan and a diagram of the plot.  Buyers are always keen for ‘more information’ and we can never have too much of it.  We can pass you the contact information of a professional photographer that covers your area.

To discuss the required arrangements with one of our team you can call us on (00351) 289 399943 or send an email to For more contact details, click here.

Portugal Property Services provides comprehensive marketing and via an international network and has access to serious committed buyers.

There are no fees or costs up front and we will initially enter the property into our database at  The site acts as a conduit to many others and when we update any information on our site then it automatically updates all the others to which our site is linked. We maintain the property on-line for as long as necessary and will forward additional information to inquiring clients and to those registered on our database whose requirements match or are similar to the property characteristics.

Our aim is to provide everyone with access to the information they require enabling them to reach an informed decision. We also use the best possible technology, making the process as efficient and simple as possible.

Portugal Property Search have links to International markets and where required will use  multi-lingual professional sales staff  (Russian or Chinese speakers for example) whose job it is to ensure information is provided correctly in the language that is most comfortable.

We also promote the Golden Visa Initiative and receive many enquiries for investment property under this programme.  Our sister company Euro Gold Visa has specific information. see

We look forward to speaking with you and to being of service.


Often one of the first question a vendor needs to answer is: “How much is my property worth?”,  The honest answer is ‘as much as someone is prepared to pay’ but of course we need a figure at which to promote.  It is easy for any agent to quote you an over enthusiastic figure in a desire to impress and win your business. However this quickly becomes disappointing when there are few enquiries or viewings.

We suggest that by working together we can find a realistic figure…

Review the prices on different websites for similar properties in a similar location and in a similar condition
Research what neighbours purchased or sold for recently
Speak with a professional surveyor/valuer. Preferable one registered with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and will probably be members of APEMIP those two organisations ensure that negotiations and handled safety and reliably. Licensed agents also carry compulsory liability insurance.

We strongly recommend you only sell your property through government licensed agents with a valid AMI license. (Our AMI License number is 10036 and our APEMIP Membership is 5006).

Please note, we strongly advise independent Legal and Fiscal Consultations at all times prior to any transaction as the laws are constantly changing.

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