Documents (selling)

Documents (required before listing with an agent)

Unless you purchased comparatively recently your own lawyer is unlikely to have the most recent version of the documents required on file.  They have a limited validity and must be requested fresh. You will be given an authenticated copy and not the original which stays on file.

If you enjoy dealing with these kind of affairs you can save paying your lawyers clerk for doing this for you, otherwise your usual lawyer will do it at your request.

• Caderneta predial (Tax/financial Registration) This document is obtained from the “FINANÇAS” (Tax Department) and shows the financial registration of the property and the rates and taxes payable by this property to the local council.

• Certidâo (Property registration certificate/Land Registry) This shows the current registered owner of a property and whether there are any outstanding loans/mortgages/debts on the property. It also gives data on the property – constructed area, plot size etc. It is obtained from the “Conservatoria do Registo Predial” (Land registry Office ). It should also have a site plan showing the boundaries of the plot and who owns those adjoining.

• Licença de habitabilidade (Habitation license) One of these is required for any property built after 1951). Issued by the “Câmara Municipal” (Town Hall) and shows that the property has been built according to the approved plans. No property can be sold without it.

You may already have …

• Ficha técnica (Property Technical file).  For properties built after 2004 this document is provided by the builder of the property and lists the details of the property construction; suppliers, materials used and all the technical data of the construction process.

• Energy certificate. As per the recent new law, all properties old and new now need to have a Energy Certification confirming that the property conforms to the energy board requirements. It is your job to obtain this certificate at your cost.  We can quote for this if you wish.

• You should try and write a simple property description for your chosen agent, no one knows the features of the house better than you.

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